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Duckiebot with Encoders (DB19)

Duckiebot with Encoders (DB19)

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Raspberry Pi

The Duckiebot version (DB19) is a minimal autonomy platform: the simplest autonomous vehicle for learning like a pro and doing science. 
It features: 
  • Chassis: Differential drive configuration
  • Computation: Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Sensing and actuation:
    • Front-facing camera (160 deg FoV)
    • DC motors with embedded wheel encoders (Hall effect sensors based)
    • 5 addressable RGB LEDs
  • Power: 10Ah battery for hours of autonomy
  • Memory: high speed 32GB
  • 3 traffic sign stands and a variety of traffic signs
  • Two passenger duckies! 
  • Includes all the necessary pieces, and spares, to build, calibrate, initialize and operate a Duckiebot, including the power bank.
  • No soldering is required!
  • Roads and other city materials are not included
Duckiebots are designed to operate in Duckietown urban environments. Build and expand your Duckietown starting here.

If you are just getting started, you might want to check out the Starter Kit.

If you already have a Duckiebot (DB18) and would like to upgrade to DB19, take an upgrade kit.

The price for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ inclusive variant reflects the current global shortage of Raspberry Pis. 

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