Collection: The Classroom Kits

Getting a robotics classroom started can be a daunting process, but it doesn't need to be! All instructors at some point wonder:

What exactly to teach, and how? Which robots to use? Will everything work? ...and what if I need help?

With curricula developed by experts from top institutes and used in over 200 universities worldwide, and over ten thousand alumni, Duckietown is not only a great tool for getting started but a platform to build upon in time, featuring:

  • free community-based support and priority subscriptions available;
  • extensive knowledge base;
  • hardware warranty;
  • classroom materials;
  • and tons of other resources;
  • programmable environment;
  • simulation environment;
  • evaluation infrastructure;

Duckietown is every instructor's gateway to providing memorable learning experiences in robot autonomy.

For additional information on how to use Duckietown to set up your class, see our guide for teaching with Duckietown >