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City Expansion Pack

City Expansion Pack

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The basic building block of any Duckietown and minimum Duckietown size for autonomous driving behavior. 

  • DIY tiles: choose how many straights and curves to have

  • Modularity: lock-assembled road segments in different configurations to obtain different city topographies

  • Easy handling: assemble and disassemble your town in minutes

  • Guess what: duckies! 

How many tiles do I need? Here are a few examples.

 Number of tiles City complexity  Suggested number of Duckiebots
9 Smallest closed loop (no intersections) 1-2
15 1 3-way intersection 1-3
17 1 4-way intersection 1-4
18 2 3-way intersections 1-6
21 1 4-way, 2 3-way intersections 1-8

The City Expansion Pack does not include Duckiebots, intersections, or traffic lights.

What's in the box

  • 9x Interlocking foam mat tiles (2x2'- 61x61cm)
  • 1x White roll of gaffer tape (2''x65' - 5cmx20m)
  • 1x Yellow roll of gaffer tape (1''x65' - 2.5cmx20m)
  • 12x Double sided tape pads
  • 5x Traffic sign stand
  • 4x Plastified traffic signs
  • 20x Rubber duckies

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Size: 26x26x7'' (66x65x17cm)
Weight: 9.2 lbs (4.2 kg)


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