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Duckiedrone (DD21)

Duckiedrone (DD21)

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Raspberry Pi


Integrate flying vehicles in your Duckietown learning experience, with the newest Duckiedrone!

The Duckiedrone is a DIY, open, Raspberry Pi-based quadcopter kit designed for introducing learners to autonomous flight. Comes with a polished undergraduate-level course and the support of the Duckietown international community.

  • Full DIY assembly (note: soldering is required)
  • Sensing
    • Camera
    • Time-of-flight (ToF)
    • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Actuation:
    • 4x DC motors
  • Onboard computation: Rasberry Pi 3B+
    • RPI3B+ is now in stock!

  • Memory: (fast) 32GB Class 10 U3 micro SD card 

  • Power: 1500 mAh, 11.1 V, 16.65 Wh
  • Autonomous localization and control
  • Fully programmable
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Abdallah Ghoul

Duckiedrone (DD21)