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Duckiebot (DB21)

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POWERED by NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

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Bring your vehicle autonomy education and research to the next level with the latest Duckiebot model.

Putting together the Duckietown experience with the advancements in computation solutions, this DIY kit provides a model self-driving car featuring: 

  • Chassis:
    • Differential drive configuration

  • Sensors:
    • Hall effect sensor wheel encoders
    • Front-facing 160deg FOV camera
    • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
    • Front-facing time of flight sensor
    • Various sensors for battery diagnostics

  • Actuators:
    • 2 DC motors
    • 4 Addressable RGB LEDs

  • Computation:
  • Memory:
    • (NEW!) 64 GB micro sd card, class 10, U3

  • Power:
    • EXCLUSIVE custom-designed Duckiebattery: 10Ah, 2x2A USB outputs, 4.5A max

  • User Interface:
    • Screen
    • Shut-off button

The kit includes all components to assemble, calibrate and operate your Duckiebot. No soldering is required. 

City components are not included. 

This is the officially supported Duckiebot for the "Self-driving cars with Duckietown" MOOC hosted on the edX platform. To participate in the MOOC, you will need a city track as well. Check out the "MOOC Founder's edition kit" for a one-click solution. 

Have a Jetson Nano (2GB or 4GB) at home already? Select the "No Jetson" variant

If you need Duckiebots without batteries, please reach out to hardware@duckietown.com.