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Duckiebot (DB-J)

Duckiebot (DB-J)

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Bring your vehicle autonomy education and research to the next level with the latest Duckiebot model!

This DIY kit provides a fully-programmable model self-driving car featuring: 

  • Mature design: quality stemming from years of iterations and feedback from thousands of users, from top university Professors to young learners, and everybody in between 
  • Chassis:
    • Differential drive configuration

  • Sensors:
    • Hall effect sensor wheel encoders
    • Front-facing 160deg FOV camera
    • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
    • Front-facing time of flight sensor
    • Battery diagnostics

  • Actuators:
    • 2 DC motors
    • 4 Addressable RGB LEDs (controllable in intensity, color, and frequency)

  • Computation:
  • Memory:
    • (Fast) 64 GB micro SD card, class 10, U3

  • Power:
    • Smart Duckiebattery: 10Ah, 2x2A USB outputs, 4.5A max
      • Provides live diagnostics and soft shutdown
  • User Interface:
    • Screen
    • Shut-down button

  • Complete: all components needed to assemble and calibrate your Duckiebot come in the box. Power adapter not included (5V, 2A, micro-USB recommended).

  • No soldering is required

  • MOOC compliant: -J4 is recommended to join the Duckietown online learning experience.  You will need a city track as well, check out the "MOOC Founder's edition kit" for a one-click solution.  

    Have a Jetson Nano (2GB or 4GB) at home already? Select the "No Jetson" variant

    What's in the box

    • 1x Bottom deck
    • 2x Lower lateral supports
    • 1x Middle deck
    • 1x Upper-left lateral support
    • 1x Upper-right lateral support
    • 1x Back support
    • 1x Top deck
    • 1x Back pattern plate
    • 2x Motor mounts
    • 1x Camera mount
    • 1x Front bumper (FB) PCB
    • 1x Back bumper (BB) PCB
    • 1x Omni-wheel
    • 2x Front wheels
    • 2x DC Motors with Encoders
    • 1x Jetson Nano camera
    • 1x Camera cable
    • 1x Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
    • 1x Time of flight (ToF) sensor
    • 1x Jetson Nano 2GB (JN2), Jetson Nano 4GB (JN4) or No Jetson (variants)
    • 1x Duckietown Hut v 3.15
    • 1x 64GB Class 10 U3 micro SD card
    • 1x Duckiebattery
    • 1x WiFi dongle
    • 1x Screen
    • 1x Shutdown button
    • 1x DC fan
    • 1x FCC label sticker
    • 1x Cross screwdriver
    • 1x Camera calibration pattern
    • 1x Micro SD to USB adaptor
    • 1x Back pattern sticker
    • 3x Metal stand-off M2.5x18+6mm M-F
    • 3x Metal hexagon stand-off M3 25mm F-F
    • 2x Spacer M6x12x1.5
    • 4x Nylon screw M2x8
    • 14x Nylon screw M2.5x12
    • 2x Round head tapping screws metal (3x20)
    • 4x Metal screw M3x30
    • 30x Metal screw M3x12
    • 30x Metal nut M3
    • 16x Nylon nut M2.5
    • 4x Nylon nut M2
    • 1x Jetson - Battery cable
    • 1x Battery - HUT(Ext5V) power cable
    • 1x HUT - Battery charging cable
    • 1x HUT to BB cable
    • 2x Motor - HUT cables
    • 1x FB to ToF cable
    • 3x HUT to FB, IMU cable
    • 1x Screen - HUT cable
    • 1x Button - HUT cable
    • 2x Duckies
    • 1x Instructions card
    • 2x Duckietown Stickers

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    13x6x9'' (34x15x23cm)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Sampsa Ranta
    Duckiebots are great!

    When I was looking for different robots with Jetson Nano for putting some computer vision into action.. I came to choose Duckiebot as it has motors with encoders and also Duckietown has MOOC course. MOOC course works perfect as guided tour into realm of ducks.

    Before Duckiebot I've tried some robot solutions with micro-Python, but I found the platform quite restrictive for my use due to much more restricted computing power and software stacks. Duckietown has developed learning environment with baseline algorithms.

    The current environment is mostly ROS 1 and on MOOC Python is used.

    In picture is my Duckiebot Duckgull DB21J4 (with Jetson Nano 4GB).