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MOOC Founder's Edition Starter Kit

MOOC Founder's Edition Starter Kit

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City complexity (size)

This starter kit includes all the necessary components for enjoying Duckietown's learning experiences: an NVIDIA Jetson Nano powered Duckiebot and a Duckietown city loop.

  • A great starting point is "Self-driving Cars with Duckietown" the world's first robot autonomy, free, massive open online course with hardware, made in collaboration with instructors at ETH Zurich, the University of Montreal and the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago.

  • We offer variants with Jetson Nano 4GB or without board, and with smaller (and simpler) or bigger (and more complex) city tracks.

  • This model of Duckiebot is compatible with Jetson Nano 2GB models as well.

  • The smaller city track (~1.8x1.8 meters, or 6x6 feet) features a simple road loop, while the bigger city track (~3x1.8 meters, or 10x6 feet) features intersections, too.


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Customer Reviews

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I have been impressed at the quality of the work put into duckietown.

I started the class a few weeks back. I already had two nvidia jetbot working. So I bought the HUT boards and now have the wheels moving.

Just take the MOOC and build a duckiebot. Everyone there exceeds my expectations.